Tub Cuts

Bathroom falls are a leading cause of injury for seniors and those recovering from surgery.  Affordable Bathtub Conversions is pleased to offer quick and affordable bathtub accessibility products, including the Safeway Step and the Safeway Tub Door.  Both products provide easier accessibility into the tub area, and are installed in just a few short hours.Tub Cuts

All of this can be accomplished for just a fraction of the cost compared to tearing out and removing the existing bathtub.  That kind of time consuming mess can lead to more costly renovations. Installation of the Safeway Step includes cutting a section of the existing bathtub and custom fitting the resulting opening with a Safeway Step.  This creates a more accessible step-in shower.

Similar to the Safeway Step, the Safeway Tub Door also provides easier access into the bathtub area and does not require the removal of the existing bathtub.  The Safeway Tub Door is an affordable product that adds a water tight, seal-able door to the existing bathtub.

Choose from the Safeway Step, installed from just $1,695.00, which converts your existing bathtub for easier shower access.  Or the Safeway Tub Door, installed from just $2,495.00  which adds a water-tight door to your existing tub…virtually any tub!